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As explained in the main Overview section, we at Settlers Canada , help our applicants to make a decision on the kind of business , that applicant is going to do after migrating to Canada on Permanent Residency. During our discussions and meetings, we present the applicant with the kind of business that could be available to choose from. This of course will depend on various factors:

We need to understand whether the applicant is physically fit for the kind of business he/she is opting for. Some businesses require special skills and knowledge and where as some businesses need management skills etc. All the factors are discussed with the applicant, then further discussed with our expert team members in Canada, there after a decision to shortlist the business is made.

For any business, apart from Knowledge and experience, the main factor is of funding. Depending on how and how much the applicant wishes to invest in the desired business, we suggest a few business options to the applicant. Some available businesses at the time of discussions are presented to the applicant, for him/ her to understand the type of business, type of investment and returns involved in the business. Once the Visa of the applicant comes through and applicant lands in Canada, our expert team members and associates, help the applicant to find the similar business, which he/she had shortlisted, prior to landing in Canada.

The completion of this whole process may take, 03 to 06m months time , depending on various factors, like availability of such business , applicants funds and ability, at the time of buying. In some cases, specially the Franchise business, there are some training periods also involved, which may or may not be part of the time frame mentioned above.

Depending on the Visa Category of the immigrant, some available existing business can be bought by the immigrant, with the help of our Expert Team members and associates.

Some available businesses will be introduced to the applicant and details of the shortlisted ones would be sent to him/her. For the final selection process, the immigrant will be taken to some of the locations and physically shown those businesses. All the books of accounts will be shared with the immigrant and depending on the local laws, the immigrant/buyer will be able to buy or invest in the selected business.

Some franchise of bigger and smaller brands are available from time to time, for the buyers to evaluate and invest in. These can be of many types, for example – Food business, laundry business, education business, trucking business, rent a car business , grocery stores , etc. etc. Now depending on the taste and choice of the buyer, some actual Franchise businesses will be introduced to the buyer, to evaluate and buy from.

Our team members and associates, may be able to suggest business possibilities to the immigrant and depending on the kind of business shortlisted by the immigrant, the help would be extended by our panelists. We may or not be of any great help in starting a new business by the immigrant. However, our panelists would extend the appropriate help to our customer, to the best of their ability and knowledge of the subject.

Our experience panelists will help identify the best possible investment opportunities for the applicant. Their advice and suggestions would largely depend upon the extent of investment being made by the applicant. These investment options would be mostly in Real Estate Sector, or related to real estate sector / Business sector only. Other investment options like shares, SIPs etc. would not be part of our service. Having said that, we shall try our best to introduce the immigrant to the best possible CPAs and other finance brokers, who should be able to help them further,


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