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We help our clients to migrate to Canada and “Settle In”. The concept which we have brought in, is a unique concept, where in we not only help our clients to move to Canada on permanent Residency, but also we help them find the right business / investment possibilities, Housing of their choice, introduce them to the Schools / Hospitals / Vet Clinics / Grocery Stores etc. etc. in their locality. Since the decision to move your entire life to a different country is not an easy decision, that is where, we are able to step in and iron out the initial problems one faces in making such a big move in life. We are offering end to end solution to our customers and help the, start a New Life In Canada.

Why Canada ? ​

When one decides to migrate to another country, then the person looks at many factors, which help him to decide on the country he / she wishes to migrate to.

 A Ease of immigration process, is one of the most important factor in ones decision of migrating to a better country. Most of the developed economies, which offer better life, do not welcome each and every individual, who wishes to migrate to their country. The norms are very stringent and only a few can qualify. Also the time taken in completing the process is too long. So looking at all these factors, one decides on the country in which a person/family can migrate with ease.

 B You have relatives and friends in certain country, which would be a big plus and help in your settling in process. Also you have heard of good things from your friends and family about that particular country. You are naturally inclined towards that country.

 C Living conditions and adaptability, Now this is again a very imprtant factor to be considered before deciding on the country one whishes to migrate to. Points to be considered are : Language, Climatic Conditions, Education, Health Facilities, Job opportunities and most important them all is the acceptability of migrants in the society, in the country being conidered by you.

Keeping in mind the above given factors, Canda as a country becomes a very good option for most of the aspirants. Canada has it all – From language to acceptability of migrants in their society. Canada is one country, which welcome immigrants with open arms. Although they have certain norms and procedures, which need to be fulfilled and followed. If you go as per their laid down procedures, then Canada is perhaps the easiest Developed Economy, you can migrate to.

 Most of us have our relatives and friends already living in different parts of Canada, and of course given a chance, we will be inclined to migrate to such country.Job market and business opportunities are very high in Canada. Schooling and higher education is at par with the best. Different cities offer different weather conditions, and one can choose a city basis the individual requirement. You can follow your own religion in Canada, without any restrictions being imposed on you.

To sum it up, if you are looking to migrate to a Developed nation, and have wonderful life for your self and your family, then look no further, apply for your Permanent Recidency for Canada today.

Two categories of visas, which we deal in

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How it is done ?

At the moment we are helping ptrons to get Permanent Residency, through investing in some business in Canada. Our process starts with a One on One meeting with the Principal applicant. In this meeting we discuss all the relevant points of the applicant, his immediate family and his/her dependents. The discussion is largely about the education background, work / business experience, financial back ground and family history, of the Principal applicant. This discussion may last from 01 to 2 hours, and helps us in the process further, in making a decision on the Visa Category, for the applicant. There after, the Applicant is requested to send his/her complete profile (format of which is provided by us). This profile is then sent to our immigration lawyers in Canada for vetting. Then the profile and possibilities of the applicant are discussed in detail, with our expert team of immigration lawyers, and a final conclusion is reached, on the Visa category for the applicant. The best suited Visa option, out of the available options is suggested to the applicant. This process may take about 7 to 14 working days.
Once the applicant gives his/her consent on moving the application further, the Visa application form formalities begin, rest of the process is undertaken which may take 7 to 14 working days to complete the process. We will select a business oppportunity in of the provinces for you to invest in , basis that purchase documents will be made and within 06 months period one business will be bought in your name. Once the business is bouth in your name, you wiil be invited to come to Canada to start your business, operate it and during next six months time your PR documents would be prepared and applied for.Basis the business and your track record of operation of business, the PR may be granted in next 12 months time. Once the PR is granted, you may be required to stay in the same province for about 24 months.
Now comes the other important factor of Settling In. Although there are no guarantees of obtaining the requested visa for the applicants, but knowing the possibilities, basis the past records of our expert teams in Canada, we can easily say that the probability of obtaining the Visa is very high. Keeping that in mind, we discuss the work / business related possibilities with the applicants. Most important factor in settling in process, is determined by the kind of income that is going to be generated for the applicant, while in Canada. We help the applicant to pre-decide on the kind of business investment for regular income is to be done in Canada. This is further explained in our services section, for more details please click on the service tab related to your requirement and choice.

Our Other Services

Our Fee Structure

Migrating and settling in another country is a life changing experience. Many of us cannot even imagine, uprooting your life from the country of ones residence and migrating to another country and starting your life once again.

As, mentioned earlier in our main section, people migrate to other countries for various reasons. Immigration is a matter of personal choice. We just help make the entire journey, better and less time consuming, by making certain value additions, which a customer is not aware of. These Value addition factors make whole lot of difference in the immigration process.

Our customers are mostly ‘achievers’, who have already done something substantial with their lives and are now looking for a ‘Better Life’. A fun filled relaxed clean LIFE !

In order to migrate and settle in Canada, clients approach us and we offer them our services at a certain price. The amounts that are to be paid to us are given by the customers in the phased manner ( as per the slab given below :

First Consulting Fee
At the time starting the entire process
At the time of Documentation
At the time of Buying Business in your name


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